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Freckly Fried Fish, children's book by author Melissa Moats

Freckly Fried Fish

Calling all picky eaters with wild imaginations! You’ll laugh out loud as you relate to every fussy food frustration!

This clever rhyming book will have you thoroughly amused –

As plate after plate and meal after meal gets grouchily refused!

Is there really anything tastier than candy or cake?

Mama is losing patience as she runs out of food to make.

Find out what happens when fish is served for dinner!

Another dramatic rejection or does it end up being a winner?

Spice up story time with some unexpected flavor!

A tasty read along narration by the author – even more fun to savor.

Simply scan the QR code at the end of the book

to find a special bonus audio/video version – compliments of the cook!

Pescado Moteado y Frito, children's book by author Melissa Moats

Pescado Moteado y Frito

¡Llamado para todos los comedores quisquillosos con grandes imaginaciones! ¡Se carcajearan mientras que se podrán relacionar con cada frustración que tenga que ver con la comida!

¡Este cuento sagaz de rimas los tendrá ampliamente entretenidos mientras que platillo tras platillo y comida tras comida son irritablemente rechazadas!

¿Hay algo más sabroso que dulces o un pastel?

A Mamá se le acaba la paciencia al mismo tiempo que se le acaban las opciones de platillos que cocinar.

¡Entérate de lo que pasa cuando prepara pescado para cenar!

¿Otro rechazo dramático o al final es el platillo ganador?

¡Anima la hora de contar cuentos con un sabor extra! Una sabrosa lectura junto con la narración de la autora – aún más para saborear.

Simplemente escanea el código QR al final del libro para descubrir la versión auditiva – ¡cortesía de la casa!

Unicorns Are Real, book by author Melissa Moats

Unicorns are Real

Looking for the perfect bedtime story for your little one?

Unicorns Are Real is the perfect bedtime story for early readers – to drift off to dreamland with again and again!

Some children go to sleep at night, while others sneak off with their favorite unicorn.

Find out where adventure takes a little girl and unicorn – and the SECRET they share – while the rest of the world is sleeping.

This gentle, uplifting story also comes with special bonus content!

Enhance your story time with a video read along narrated by the author – including soft, calming music, infused with audio stardust…

Simply scan the QR code at the end of the story to reveal an enchanting audio-video version of Unicorns Are Real.

You’ll hit repeat night after night as this magical journey leaves your child feeling relaxed, inspired and filled with wonder.

¿Los Unicornios Existen? book by author Melissa Moats

¿Los Unicornios Existen?

¿Busca el cuento de buenas noches perfecto para su pequeño/a?

¡Los Unicornios Existen es el cuento de buenas noches que has estado buscando, para acompañarte al mundo de los sueños una y otra vez!

Algunas/os pequeñas/os duermen durante la noche, mientras que otras/os escapan con su unicornio favorito.

Descubre la aventura que viven una pequeña y su unicornio – y el SECRETO que comparten – mientras que el resto del mundo duerme.

¡Este cuento tierno y alentador, viene acompañado de contenido extra!

Puedes realzar la hora de los cuentos con una lectura de video narrada por la autora – incluye música relajante y suave, impregnada de magia auditiva…

Simplemente escanea el código QR al final del cuento para descubrir una versión encantadora en audio y video de Los Unicornios Existen.

Querrás escuchar el cuento noche tras noche mientras que este viaje mágico deja a tu pequeña/o relajado, inspirado y llena/o de asombro.

¿Los Unicornios Existen? ¡Compra el libro AHORA para averiguar!

Meeces Mices Mouses by Melissa Moats

Meeces Mices Mouses

Meeces Mices Mouses is oh-so fun to say!

See what these mice are up to as they explore their great big day!

Ever wonder what the world looks like through the eyes of three mischievous mice friends?

Join them on their tiny adventures – where the cuteness never ends!

Share this lighthearted, rhyming book with your favorite little mouse. Perfect for early readers – Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, and Kindergarteners, this colorful picture book will be a hit read after read – daytime, bedtime or anytime!

Ratones, Ratitas y Ratoncitos por autora Melissa Moats

Ratones, Ratitas y Ratoncitos
(Spanish Edition)

¡Ratones, Ratitas y Ratoncitos es tan divertido de decir!

¡Mira lo que hacen estos ratones mientras exploran su gran gran día!

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo se ve el mundo a través de los ojos de tres traviesos amigos ratones?

Únete a ellos en sus pequeñas aventuras, donde la ternura nunca termina.

Comparte este alegre libro de rimas con tu ratoncito favorito.

Será un éxito cada vez que lo leas: ¡durante el día, antes de acostarte o en cualquier momento!

CONTENIDO ADICIONAL EN RÚSTICA: ¡Ubique el código QR especial dentro de este libro para experimentar un divertido video de lectura del libro!


is a collection of heartfelt songs and stories filled with magic and delight… all anchored by positive, feel-good messages for both kiddos and parents alike.

From illustrated books & ebooks, to fully produced audiobooks, narrated read alongs & songs – check back often for fun, new educational content! And videos too!

Please check back again soon as Melissa will be writing, narrating and adding to her song & story collection regularly!

melissa moats voice actor at storytime with melissa moats

Melissa’s Story

Melissa Moats is no stranger to storytelling. As a professional voice actor, she’s been playing with words for over two decades.

Inspired by her toddler nieces and nephews who lived thousands of miles away, Melissa began writing and narrating stories for them to listen to at bedtime. Now those toddlers are all grown up and with their encouragement she is now sharing her stories with the world.

Melissa has been heard on national television commercials for well-known household brands, she is the creator of The Voice Actors Studio, a voice acting school in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is known by children across the US as “The Reading Bear Lady” after teaming up with Wikipedia co-founder Dr. Larry Sanger as the on-screen talent and voice actor for

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